Guidance on terminology, application, and reporting of citation searching: the TARCiS statement
We published TARCiS in the BMJ: 10 specific recommendations, each with a rationale and explanation on when and how to conduct and report citation searching in the context of systematic literature searches.

Digital biomarkers – what is it and what do we really mean when we use the term?
We assessed all studies using the term “digital biomarker”. Most did not provide a definition and the 128 articles with definitions, used 127 different ones. There is clear lack of consensus in this emerging field. Our overview could guide the development of a more harmonised and accepted definition. Please find the publication in BMJ Health Care & Informatics here.

Unlocking Real-World Insights in Multiple Sclerosis: Findings in Pragmatic Trials
RC2NB is starting 2024 strong with the publication of a new scientific article that sheds light on the world of pragmatic trials and their crucial role in providing real-world evidence for treatment decisions in Multiple Sclerosis (MS). A comprehensive analysis was conducted on 48 pragmatic trials from 1967 to 2022, examining their characteristics, demographics, and interventions. Do you want to know more? Check out the publication here.

We published in collaboration with the QUEST Center for Responsible Research an analysis of 1746 trials completed 2009-2017 at German university medical centers. We found that 55% of the trials changed their primary outcome, 23% were major changes – but 14% of changes were only visible in the clinical trial registry history – not when looking at last entry. Only 1% of the trials reported the change in the publication, doi 10.1371/journal.pmed.1004306 .


List of publications as of May 2, 2024.