Unlocking Real-World Insights in Multiple Sclerosis: Findings in Pragmatic Trials
RC2NB is starting 2024 strong with the publication of a new scientific article that sheds light on the world of pragmatic trials and their crucial role in providing real-world evidence for treatment decisions in Multiple Sclerosis (MS).
Julian Hirt, Perrine Janiaud, Özgür Yaldizli, Ludwig Kappos, Cristina Granziera and Lars Hemkens aimed to discover the landscape of pragmatic clinical trials in multiple sclerosis (MS) with this systematic overview led by the Pragmatic Evidence Lab at RC2NB. A comprehensive analysis was conducted on 48 pragmatic trials from 1967 to 2022, examining their characteristics, demographics, and interventions.
The article emphasizes the urgency for the scientific community to come together and leverage the untapped potential of pragmatic trials in providing meaningful, real-world evidence for the advancement of MS treatment strategies. This research is a call to action to conduct more pragmatic trials and utilize routine data infrastructures for better results.
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We published in collaboration with the QUEST Center for Responsible Research an analysis of 1746 trials completed 2009-2017 at German university medical centers. We found that 55% of the trials changed their primary outcome, 23% were major changes – but 14% of changes were only visible in the clinical trial registry history – not when looking at last entry. Only 1% of the trials reported the change in the publication, doi 10.1371/journal.pmed.1004306.

The rationale and design of the PragMeta database has recently been published in Trials (BMJ), open peer-reviewed and open access, doi 10.1186/s13063-023-07474-y.


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