Dr. Julian Hirt Research Fellow

Dr. Julian Hirt, joined the research group in 2021 and co-coordinated the COVID-evidence and the PragMeta project, both SNSF-funded living public databases of randomized trials assessing interventions to treat or prevent COVID-19 (COVID-evidence) and randomized trials with different degrees of pragmatism (PragMeta). Using these databases, he performed evidence syntheses and meta-research within a team of national and international collaborators. Julian co-developed RefHunter, a platform for systematic literature search, and the TARCiS statement that provides guidance on terminology, application, and reporting of citation searching. He is a core team member of the Library of Guidance for Health Scientists (LIGHTS). He is also a lecturer and research fellow at the Eastern Switzerland University of Applied Sciences in St.Gallen where he is mainly working on evidence syntheses and meta-research in the field of dementia and evidence-based healthcare. Visit Julian's ResearchGate profile to get a comprehensive overview of his scientific output and teaching topics.